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Take Advantage of the Private Seed Sale of $AGONY token!

Private Seed Sale starts in

What is the
Utility of $AGONY?

PLATFORM ACCESS: $Agony may be used to play games, purchase equipment, or modify your Avatar character, and it can also be collected via gaming.

DAO: Voting powers may be delegated by $Agony owners to other players of their choosing, or they may vote themselves.

STAKING: You can stake $Agony and earn passive income since you gain additional $Agony by staking it.

How To Participate in $AGONY Private Seed Sale?

$Agony is accessible to early bird investors that want to grab Agony at initial least price it can ever Go
1. Purchase ADA on any cryptocurrency exchange, such as Binance, then transfer it to one of your Cardano native wallets, such as Yoroi, Adalite, or Daedulus.

2. Go to the sale page for ADA Demon Seeds and copy the Address

AGONY Token Sale

You can now purchase $AGONY in large numbers, this can be used in making purchases in the game and also be saved up as over time, the value of Agony will increase. As Private Seed Sale holders, you get to be the first to enjoy this.


Wallet Address


Minimum Purchase  5,000 ADA

Maximum Purchase  35,000 ADA


$Agony = 0.0033 USDT

1 ADA = 300 $Agony


Ensure that you provide the right quantity of ADA when purchasing AGONY tokens; this will ensure that you get your AGONY tokens automatically when the distribution begins.

- AGONY tokens will be given to the participant's sending wallet address, or an equivalent.

– Do not transmit your ADA from an exchange; do not transfer ADA straight to the seed address from Binance, Coinbase, or any other exchange wallet.

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